Accelerated Learning Curve

March 23rd, 2010

I’ve just read a very interesting article: Your Life Should Be On An Accelerated Learning Curve (thank you Diogo). The most interesting part is the bullet list with checks to see if you should leave your job, and I totally relate to this list. So, let me copy that bit: you should quit your job if:

  • You are not given both creative and analytical projects.
  • Your employer doesn’t allow you to engage in metacognitive projects such as blogging about your industry.
  • You have totally mastered all areas of it.
  • Your organization doesn’t have remarkable leaders.
  • You are a part of a process you have no say in shaping.
  • Your employer doesn’t send you to industry conferences.
  • You’re not learning new skills/participating in new experiences daily.
  • You’re not solving problems that have never been solved.

The question now is: how many checks do you have?

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3 Responses to “Accelerated Learning Curve”

  1. Diogo Neves Says:

    that’s it :)

  2. Vlad Says:

    So… around 95% of western workers should quit their jobs?

    I understand the overall idea behind this, but here’s a thought: I don’t check most of those bullets, but the last three I must admit that apply. Never been sent by my dictator (sorry boss) to conferences because there’s not enough money to do so… thinking of it, if we are to apply all the bullets… there wouldn’t be start-up companies, right? And isn’t it a bit ambitious to state that you should learn new skills daily?

    We must have an open mind about our jobs, the companies that employ us and our ‘bosses’ whoever those are. Things are not black and white even if I see what you mean in broader terms, in practice things can’t be exactly that way.

  3. Pedro Santos Says:

    Vlad, touché.