Orion's Belt Tactical MMO

I’m Pedro Santos, a Portuguese software engineer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, always thinking of new projects to develop and always with several ideas just flowing on my mind. Unfortunately, ever since I finished school I have been programming other people’s ideas, and sometimes, I also have to dot it in a suit.

You can check my professional profile for my CV, where you’ll find out that I took Computer Science at ISEL and that at the moment I’m happily employed at PDM&FC.

Would you like to know more?

I’m interested in software development and game development. I’ve done several games and several web applications over the years, and from time to time I still find the time to implement my ideas. I teamed up with my two great friends, Nuno and Tiago, to form Zi Yu Studios, our programming team, soon to be start-up, later to buy Google. One of our most successful projects is Orion’s Belt, a web based game that will soon rule the world. You’ll see.

Meanwhile, we’re creating several projects to build our portfolio and to learn more about e-business. Our projects are listed as thumbnails on the right menu of this page, feel free to pay them a visit (be warned, most of them are in Portuguese).

My History!

I’m not from the Spectrum days, I’m more from the Pentium 200 days. My first program was a Quiz game in Pascal, witch I soon ported to C. I did a lot of small word games in Visual Basic also. Then I leaned C++ at school and SDL. I did a C++ Tutorial in Portuguese that had a lot of readers and that helped a lot of people.

I also started to create web pages to display my games. It took a lot of time before I could actually develop decent web applications. Most of my web sites are gone, but Web Archive helped me to remember them:

If only I had known Google Adsense by then. All these websites, all this content is lost. Imagine that I had all that content on the same domain since 2001… oh well.

At 2004 I let go of PHP and started to program on ASP.NET (and still do). We did Orion’s Belt and Midgard, and we started to build our portfolio of sites.

After school I started to work as a software developer, and I’ve already worked on the bank industry, telecoms industry, game industry and for the government.